October In Wrigley: A Play In and A Playoff Game in The Eyes of a Cubbie

Cubs Tweet

Written by Quintin Johnson

Early that morning, October 1st, 2018 I made the decision to purchase tickets to see my beloved Chicago Cubs take on the Milwaukee Brewers (Brew Crew) in game number 163. Winner takes the National League Central Division crown, so essentially this was a playoff game, and the atmosphere definitely displayed that. I knew this game would be tough for the Cubs for a couple of reasons: 1. The Brewers were coming in red hot winners of 7 straight and 9 out 10 coming down the stretch. 2. The Cubs only won 6 out of their last 10 games, but offensively our bats were cold. The bullpen was also a concern I had because we haven’t had a closer for most of the year.

The game started at 12:00pm and the traffic around the stadium was actually light. The amount of Brewers fans was quite annoying but the mood was positive that morning. Our offensive woes continued that game and yet there was hope after Anthony Rizzo hit a solo shot to right field. But that wasn’t enough. The Brew Crew bullpen was too good and before you knew it we had lost the tiebreaker game and would have to play Tuesday night.

Cubs fans
Photo by David Banks/Associated Press

After losing the division crown our playoff hopes were still alive. We would have to face the red hot Colorado Rockies, and even though I felt like we had a shot in this game I still was concerned about our offensive woes. This game was a playoff game and the crowd was louder and seemed more into the game than the night before. Giving up a run in the first seemed to suck the air out of the stadium but soon after Wrigley was back to normal. However, never did I think that I would be at that game as long as I was. The game went 13 innings and was a total of about 5 hours long: the longest NL Wild Card game yet. Result: Cubbies lose a heartbreaker.

In conclusion my experience was great and I’m glad I got a chance to attend my first playoff game at Wrigley Field. Of course a win would have been nice but I still had fun. We have a lot of things to fix as a team and honestly we were burnt out as a baseball club. Would I not go if I knew they would lose? I would still go. Go Cubs Go and #flythew.

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