Flashing Back Forward: Rasheed Wallace

The current era of basketball, at least from 2009 until now, can be considered a golden age for players at the point guard position. Almost half of the league currently has a former All Star point guard playing significant minutes on its roster. The decade before however should be recognized as the era of the power forward. The league was loaded at the 4 position, and many of those forwards were influential in how the players at that size play on both ends. In the upcoming month we will highlight a different former All Star 4 man on the fourth day of the week in a series titled “Flashing Back Forward.”


Rasheed Wallace


Sketch drawn by Jatavius Brown.

4-time All Star, 1-time NBA Champion


Mr. Ball Don’t Lie, he towered over players with his long 6″10 frame and effective fallaway shot. Could stretch the floor (you could bring him off pin downs!), was incredible on defense, and was an overall smart player (whose IQ was often underrated due to his incessant habit of picking up technicals.) His best statistical season could be his 2000-2001 campaign with the Portland Trailblazers, where he averaged 19.2 points per game on 50% shooting. However, he will be forever be endeared as the lead personality on the 2004 championship Detroit Piston squad. Sheed was an iconic NBA character for a variety of reasons outside of the technicals: he was a major Air Force One sneaker advocate, dropped 20 plus in his one game as an Atlanta Hawk and never donned a toupee or dye spray in efforts to cover  up that gray, bald patch. We appreciate a proud follicaly challenged king. 


Steve Mitchell USA Today Sports


Stay tuned for next week’s Flashing Back Forward.

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