Flashing Back Forward: Kenyon Martin

The current era of basketball, at least from 2009 until now, can be considered a golden age for players at the point guard position. Almost half of the league currently has a former All Star point guard playing significant minutes on its roster. The decade before however should be recognized as the era of the power forward. The league was loaded at the 4 position, and many of those forwards were influential in how the players at that size play on both ends. In the upcoming month we will highlight a different former All Star 4 man on the fourth day of the week in a series titled “Flashing Back Forward.”

Kenyon Martin


1-Time All Star, All-Rookie First Team

Kenyon Martin doesn’t have the same statistical accolades as many of the players on this list, but it is arguable that in terms of highflying K-Mart was second to none at his position. Martin had the benefit of playing with a top 5 point guard in his prime who just wanted yo push push push, resulting in some of the greatest fastbreak highlights of the era and two NBA Finals berths. Kenyon dunked the ball with such violence and was almost guaranteed to yell in your face afterwards. One of the most underrated facets of Martin’s game was his defense: his ability to switch positions on the perimeter shined most in his stint with the Denver Nuggets, where he played from 2004-2010. Martin’s lipstick tattoo on the side of his neck in honor of his relationship with Trina did nothing but further enhance the legend of the woman that is known as The Baddest. His best year? His lone All Star season, 2003-2004.


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