Flashing Back Forward: Chris Webber


Chris Webber


5xAll Star, 1994 Rookie Of The Year

Easily the biggest Hall of Fame snub of the past ten years, its hard to explain how someone as good as C-Webb ended up on as many teams as he did (Webber played for the Kings, Sixers, Pistons, and the Warriors in the 2000s alone). One could attribute it to the knee injuries that impacted his overall effectiveness after the age of 30. Netherless, Webber in his first 5 seasons in Sacramento was a MONSTER, averaging 24 and 10 rebounds while shooting 48% from the field. C-Webb led a Kings team that is still thought fondly of to this day for its incredible ball movement, and Chris was no slouch as a passer (he averaged 4.2 assists for his career). Webber had the total package: face up, post up, could run the floor with or without the ball, could defend  and had an incredible nose for rebounding. His best season could be considered his 2001 season, where he averaged 27 points and 11 rebounds. Though he was very skilled, losing his athleticism just made him a completely different player, and his tricky past with Michigan University coupled with his TNT broadcasting have left some feeling indifferent about Webber these days.  Till this day however C-Webb remains one of the most versatile and talented 4 men to ever enter the league, and thats without mentioning the fact he  literally produced songs for Queenbridge’s finest.   




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