Flashing Back Forward: Chris Bosh

The current era of basketball, at least from 2009 until now, can be considered a golden age for players at the point guard position. Almost half of the league currently has a former All Star point guard playing significant minutes on its roster. The decade before however should be recognized as the era of the power forward. The league was loaded at the 4 position, and many of those forwards were influential in how the players at that size play on both ends. In the upcoming month we will highlight a different former All Star 4 man on the fourth day of the week in a series titled “Flashing Back Forward.”

      Chris Bosh


11x All Star, 2-time NBA Champion

When thinking of Chris Bosh, what comes to mind for many is the run with Miami. When some think about what made him a Hall of Famer, the thought is that he was a  over glorified third banana who benefited largely from a historic two-time champion Heat team. Those kinds of people have never seen his career stats. Bosh put up NUMBERS for the Toronto Raptors. His positional perception is sort of the opposite of last week’s Flashing Back Forward, Jermaine O’Neal: though many remember him playing most of his pre-Miami years at the 4, CB actually was listed at center all 5 of his All Star years in T Dot (three of those years playing alongside former no. 1 overall pick and ruiner of one of my favorite 2K teams ever, Andrea Bargnani). He was the prototypical big man for the decade he existed in and the decade in which he retired prematurely: a 6’11 lengthy, agile big who not only spotted up from outside but could bang in the post. Had great hands, was an adept finisher, and was smart out of double teams. His defensive versatility is what helped the Heat win back to back titles, but that wasn’t unlocked until he joined Miami. What couldn’t be disputed was that he was a legit offensive force. Yes, he put up a lot of great numbers on some subpar teams, but there was reason he was the third most coveted free agent in 2010.  Most importantly, no one acknowledges how much this dude looks like an actual velociraptor. There are rarities when players actually look like their team mascots (Zach Randolph with the Grizzlies comes to mind) but Bosh was that: skinny, long necked, flying around and yelling with his mouth agape. The position in the 2000’s was deep people!!!!



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